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Negotiations progressed slightly at Ottawa Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting. One of the stated goals of the meeting was to settle discussions in less contentious areas. More...

Major Harmonized System and Customs Tariff changes in January 2017. World Customs Organization's amendments will affect every country's customs tariff classifications. More...

CFIA expands administrative monetary penalties to meat inspections. Regulatory amendment enables the issuance of monetary penalties for violations. More...

World Customs Organization and industry group collaborate to fight counterfeit goods trade. Reports estimate the trade of counterfeit goods to exceed US$650 billion annually. More...

Technical documents: Government memorandums, notices and decisions

  • Customs Notice 14-017 Implementation of the Pilot Project for the Travellers in Remote Areas - Quebec
  • Memorandum D11-6-8 Verification of Origin (Non-free Trade Agreements), Tariff Classification, and Value for Duty of Imported Goods
  • Memorandum D17-1-8 Release Prior to Payment Privilege
  • Beef and veal TRQ: Quantities available for reallocation this week.
  • Regulations to expand AMPs to the Meat Inspection Act and the Meat Inspection Regulations
  • New Harmonized System standards to enter into force on 1 January 2017
  • European Union sets import duty above zero for maize, sorghum and rye
  • U.S. Wildlife Import/Export Licenses and Designated Port Exception Permits

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